Avoid these passwords like the plague!

In an, I admonished you to not use common words – especially those from your life history – as your passwords. This is to prevent a determined human from hacking your accounts using their direct knowledge of you or from what they can find on the internet. It‘s critical too that you remember you are also trying to prevent a computer – which is doing little ‘thinking’ but running through thousands of common words – from getting to your password given time. If your password is in the dictionary, or is a common (or uncommon) name, or is in the atlas or encyclopedia, a computer will get to it sooner or later.

How to infect your Mac 101

It must be stressed, we’ve found both scenarios below to be true amongst our clientele. In some cases, they’ve predicted the steps in the danger column almost exactly. So, without further delay, continue reading and consider that messing up your Mac is not too difficult for you to achieve.