Business Continuity

While Apple is far more reliable than other technology on the market, it still isn’t quite flood or fire proof just yet. Losing your data could see your business fail if the right procedures are not put in place. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable when a disaster occurs because they may not have the means to survive prolonged downtime.

oic TechSolutions can work with you to create a continuity plan that will allow your business to stay afloat should something adverse happen. We will help you come up with a plan that limits service interruptions as well as allowing your company to focus its resources in other areas.

Three reasons to have a continuity plan

  • Readiness - If you spend enough time planning and preparing for something to happen, there will be no hesitation as to what to do if the event does occur. By being ready for a disaster, you will know exactly how to proceed should it ever happen. A business continuity plan assists your company in being ready.
  • Peace of mind - With a business continuity plan in place, everyone from your employees to your customers can rest assured knowing your company can survive anything thrown its way. By eliminating the unease of those ‘what if’ scenarios, you will have a business everyone feels more confident about.
  • Stay in business - Of companies that suffer a significant data loss, 93 percent are out of business within five years according to the US Bureau of Labor. A well-prepared business continuity plan can make sure your data is backed up and ready to go should something unexpected happen.

Don’t leave you business to chance after a disaster.

Let oic TechSolutions help you put a Business Continuity Plan in place that will
keep your company going