Network Security

You already know that Apple offers the best security out there. However, it might not be completely bulletproof. An unsecure network can lead to serious problems for a small business. Don’t think that using Mac hardware and software makes your business completely protected.

The Network Security programs and firewall services from oic TechSolutions let you run your business without worrying about possible breaches. In addition to protecting your staff and customers from security threats, we'll protect your important data as well.

We offer network security solution plans that provide:

  • Regular reporting - monitor Internet usage and track websites
  • A secure perimeter - keep viruses and intruders out of your business
  • Content filtering - block harmful or unsafe sites to increase productivity
  • Wi-Fi and 4G services - safely use mobile devices throughout your office
  • Predictability - flat monthly fees include preventative maintenance, patching & updating, virus & spyware updates, and unlimited Help Desk Calls for Internet firewall problems.

With the help of oic TechSolutions’s Network Security services, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you Mac is safe.

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