Siri: Talk, don’t type!

Siri: Talk, don’t type!

Everyone knows that when you need directions, you ask Siri. Need to find a particular kind of food nearby, ask Siri. Need a chuckle, start a knock-knock joke with Siri.

But did you know, however, that Siri can actually make your everyday use of your iPhone or iPad much easier by using her to dictate everything from Notes to Emails to replying in Messages?

Yes! Say you are too tired to type, or, like me, you feel ham-fisted when typing on anything that is not a physical keyboard. Or, you simply cannot or do not want to type. Easy. Start the new note, email, or reply to a text, and hit the little microphone icon in the bottom left corner of the pop-up keyboard.

Start talking and be prepared to wonder why you didn't start doing things this way sooner.

You can use Siri to dictate emails, notes, Messages, and just about anywhere you can type in text. Simply look for the microphone icon at the bottom of the keyboard.